Determination: My Attitude for 2014

Determinaiton Quote #2

Discipline – Drive – Determination

Out of these three attributes needed to fulfill a dream or accomplish a goal, I believe determination is the most important. Without determination or a strong sense of purpose, negativity can creep in and cause us to give up or get off track, which is too often the case with me. I allow self-doubt and fear to get in the way of doing things I wish to do far too many times. It’s time to change that pattern so this year I’m embracing an attitude of determination in hopes to conquer a few of my fears and self-doubt.

I’m DETERMINED to Run a 5K

I know it’s only three miles but for years now when talking fitness with friends, I emphatically state that I am not a runner and can’t even run a mile. The most common response to this statement is “of course you can it’s easy, anyone can run a mile”. After hearing that said over and over I figured it must be true and decided I needed to stop saying I can’t and start trying. I began my Couch to 5K training program using the fantastic Jog Log app and am now running two miles. As of now, I plan to run my 5K in June and am looking forward to it.

I’m DETERMINED to take a photograph worthy of recognition.

Almost everyday I am practicing ways to improve my photography by reading, watching tutorials and taking a ton of pictures. I don’t have professional camera gear however, I’m passionate about photography and have a very strong desire to be good at it. So this year I’m determined to live behind my lens and seek constructive feedback to help improve my skills.

I’m DETERMINED to do one thing that truly scares me.

I’m very afraid of heights… REALLY AFRAID! I think this is a rather common fear but I’m no longer willing to let it hold me back from doing things that sound fun. I want to zip line and hike along a very narrow ledge in Zion National Park to see the breathtaking views. I’d like to say yes to my son when he asks me to photograph him rock climbing but that would mean actually having to climb myself. Although I may not embark on rock climbing this year and know I will not be jumping out of an airplane, I’m determined to work on conquering my fear of heights by zip lining in the Redwoods. They claim it’s the ride of a life time with heights up to 150 ft. I hope I can actually do it!

Determination Quote #1

If you’ve ever been zip lining, ran in 5K or dabble in photography, I’d appreciate any tips or words of advice you can offer.

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  1. Calli

    Wonderful post, very inspiring! I just started a 5K running plan as well using an app on my phone – although I play in a women’s soccer league each year I haven’t run since before we left to travel and I need to get back into shape. The app is so great because I know it’s coming and I hate seeing it turn red and angry when I miss a workout. Good luck on your goals, it’s so great that you shared them here! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Calli recently posted…Beautiful BC from A to Z: D is for Discovery IslandsMy Profile

    1. Dsmythe

      Hey Calli,

      Thank you, it’s not easy being vulnerable so I’m glad to hear it might be inspiring to someone. I love that we are both prepping for a 5K using apps! Good luck to you as well!!

  2. KrissyD

    Love your new Determination attitude “D” for Daidri! Now that you have wrote it down and posted it for us – you will be even more determined to make those goals happen. Good for you – keep us posted!

    1. Dsmythe

      Thanks Kris… I thought about that and believe me it made me think twice about hitting publish! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will definitely keep you posted and hopefully can share some laughs along the way.

  3. Lucy

    Determination is a great attribute to acquire. Your last paragraph on doing the one thing that scares you reminded me of a book I read once that I think you might enjoy. It’s called “My Year with Eleanor” by Noelle Hancock. It’s a true story about a gal who decides to do one thing that scares her on a daily basis for a year. It’s a great read.

    1. Dsmythe

      Lucy, I’m so excited to have a book recommendation and can’t wait to check it out. I will dwell on my attempt to zip line until it happens, I can’t imagine doing one thing that scares me every day let alone have enough to fill a year. It will be an interesting read. Thanks!

  4. ServicefromHeart

    Thanks for the great inspiration Daidri! Once, I search some courage inside and keep the determination to try paragliding & skydiving – with an experience instructor. I am not good in running, perhaps I would start with brisk-walking & hiking, thanks for spreading your determination.

    Best wishes
    #AtoZChallenge 2014 participant

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