Venice: Rialto Market Photo Essay

Venice - Me at Farmer's Market

Venice Rialto Market

Venice, in the northeastern corner of Italy, literally captivated me the minute I arrived. I knew from the moment I stepped off the  train and was greeted by the bustling canal and buildings floating on water that this enchanting city would be unforgettable. I’m anxious to share more about Venice in my Italy Reflections series; however, for today’s letter “V”,  I thought I’d share some pictures from our time browsing through the Venice Rialto Market. It’s fascinating to think that all the fruit and vegetables, just like all other things in Venice, are delivered to the market by boat. It was just as much fun to stand at the canal and watch this being orchestrated as it was taking in the sights and sounds. This bustling, open air market is not only popular with visitors but a weekly staple for locals to grab the freshest produce and fish in the city. 


Venice - Side view of market

Venice - Peppers

Venice - Fruit stand

Venice - fish salesman

Venice - Fish Stand

Venice - salami

Venice - Rialto Market

Venice - Mushroms

Venice - Rialto Bridge
You can get to the Market by crossing over the Rialto Bridge, the most famous and busiest bridge in Venice. You’ll most likely have to wait your turn to snag  a section for the perfect photo opportunity, but it’s worth it. 

Do you enjoy seeking out a Farmer’s Market when you travel?

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    1. Dsmythe

      Never say never Mom, you had an incredible trip to Paris not too many years ago. I can’t wait to visit there some day after hearing about your trip. One of my favorite things about browsing in this market was listening to the locals talk and make their transactions. I loved listening to locals speaking Italian everywhere we went, it was very fun.

  1. Lila Asnani

    Loved your pictures. The fresh markets was one of the things I loved visiting when I lived in Europe. I always try to visit markets whenever I travel-I think you get a better feel for the locals and their culture by interacting with them on an everyday activity. Great post. Dropped by for A-Z.
    Lila Asnani recently posted…V is for VindalooMy Profile

    1. Dsmythe

      Hi Lila, thanks for stopping by. It’s been fun meeting other’s from the AtoZ Challenge. Even listening to locals interact at Farmer’s Market is fun but interacting or at least attempting to (if you don’t speak the language) is even more memorable. Plus you get to eat some fresh local produce which I love!

    1. Dsmythe

      Thanks Rhonda! I remember my husband accidentally shooting a champagne cork towards people on the Rialto bridge during our gondola ride one evening, thankfully he didn’t hit anyone. The bridge was always so packed no matter what time of day it was, kind of crazy but such a great view.

  2. Kris

    When I think of that market I always remember “vibrant colors!” Your photos show that so well. I think it would be fun to stay in a place in Venice that has a little kitchen so you could go to the market a few times, pick out some of those beautiful items to serve up some amazing meals! Yum!

    1. Dsmythe

      I think that would be fun as well! It would be great to be there for four or five days so you had time to do that. Still so fun to just grab fresh fruit and veggies to eat while walking.

    1. Dsmythe

      Thank you Tara, that means a lot! I hear so many people say they wish they could travel more which is why I talk a lot on my blog about smaller getaways close to home. I think they are just as important as larger, more expensive vacations.

  3. Tui Snider @TuiSnider

    I love Venice and truly hope to return for an extended stay. Lovely photos of the Rialto Market. I also really enjoyed the local fish market last time I was there.

    Anyway, I saw your comment on a different A to Z blog where you mentioned that you were from WA State. That’s where I hail from, too. Gorgeous place and very underrated. 😀

    ~Tui Snider~ Dropping by from the A to Z challenge! 😀
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    My blog: Tui Snider’s Offbeat & Overlooked Travel
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!
    Tui Snider @TuiSnider recently posted…X is for Xanthic Sky & RainbowMy Profile

    1. Dsmythe

      Hi Tui, nice to meet a fellow Washingtonian! I agree, it is a beautiful state and extremely underrated but I am a bit prejudice. Fun to see your post about Venice as well and I learned something new with the Alta Aqua. I also would love to return, there was still so much I wanted to see when it was time for me to go. I’ll get back one day just not sure when.

    1. Dsmythe

      Hi Elaine! thanks for saying hello, loved your post about the new Octopus Exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love any kind of farmer’s markets as well but this one was just a blast to meander through. Fun to hear all the Italian being spoken and watching the locals. Beautiful colors!

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