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When starting my blog a year ago I had no idea how incredibly supportive and fun the travel blogging community would be. I knew we all shared the same wanderlust spirit about us and that we go about fulfilling that wanderlust in different ways. Some are on round the world adventures. Some are Luxury travelers. Others are mastering the art of getaways, like Thee Getaway Gal. However, it has been everyone’s willingness to share helpful tips and their endless support to see each other grow in this ever booming blogging business which has been most surprising.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Feeling both honored and giddy I couldn’t wait to find out what this was all about.

What exactly is the Liebster Award?

It is not an award in the traditional sense of the word, but rather a way for bloggers to recognize other bloggers and ask them a few questions giving everyone a chance to get to know them a little better.

What are the rules of the award?

  • Thank who nominated you.
  • Answer 10 questions  about yourself, your blog and/or your travels each created by the blogger that nominated you.
  • Much like a chain letter, pass on the recognition to five or more up and coming bloggers you feel deserve it and give them 10 new questions to answer.

Who Nominated Thee Getaway Gal?

“THANK YOU” Jules and Christine from Don’t Forget To Move and Diane from Wife With Baggage for thinking of me when choosing who you wanted to pass this recognition on to. I was so ecstatic to have been thought of once let alone twice. You have created inspiring and adventurous blogs both of which I thoroughly enjoy following.

Meet Jules and Christine with Don't Forget To Move

Meet Jules and Christine from Don’t Forget To Move

Meet Diane from Wife With Baggage

Meet Diane from Wife With Baggage

Q: What was the first country you visited?
A: Canada. Having grown up just a couple of hours south of the border near Vancouver we often visited. In my late teens, it was common to drive across the border to frequent the bars as their legal drinking age was younger than ours in the US. Once that novelty wore off I spent most of my visits were Whistler, BC. This lively mountain resort is just as much fun in the Summer as the Winter. I have so many great memories of Whistler, truly amazing skiing, getting too close to a black bear and her cubs, discovering one of my favorite Irish Pubs and tasting Vodka in an ice room. I highly recommend you visit.

Q: Where do you see your blog in a year’s time?
A: Still here? Just kidding, Thee Getaway Gal is not going anywhere, I just have way to much I want to do. My number one goal is to have a strong following of visitors who not only find value in what I share but have fun while stopping by and are inspired to getaway more often. In a years time I hope to be working with some great sponsors, have a strong Social Media presence and be a recognizable name in the blogging community. Let’s see, if that weren’t enough I hope my blog has conquered a 5K and hurdled her fear of ziplining. Wow, she’s got some work to do.

Q: If you could describe your blog in 3 words, what would they be?
A: Inspiring – Fun – Real
Blogging is a ton of work but at the end of the day it’s just me being my real self, having fun and sharing about my getaways all with the hopes that it reminds others that there’s so much to see and do around us. Having worked in the corporate world for a long time, I realized we need to have more balance between doing what’s necessary to ensure financial security in our future and truly embracing each day.

Q: What’s your dream job?
A: Traveling to photograph the world and to getting paid to do it. That would be a dream to me. Hard work but worth it. Bringing people and places together through photography is fascinating and provokes curiosity. When I look at pieces such as the work or photographer Lisa Kristine, they inspire me to want to know more of the story behind the lens. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more accurate, and those words are unique to each of us much like our travels.

Q: If you could travel the world for one year with one other person, who would it be?
A: My husband Richard! Having been married for 22 years, I would miss him terribly if he weren’t with me for that long, even though he can drive me crazy at times when we’re traveling. We also are each other’s opposite in a lot of areas. Not only does that help to balance each other but also pushes me when needed. I refer to him as the “yes” man. He’ll talk to anyone, try anything once and is very adventurous. I‘m slow to process things and more timid. He inspires me to be more spontaneous and try new things, and I’m grateful for that.

Q: If you weren’t blogging about travel, what would you blog about?
A: Photography! Bet you couldn’t have guessed that considering it would be my dream job. I have always been passionate about photography and don’t know why I didn’t delve into it earlier in life. I’ve had a blast learning more about it this past year and love how much you can teach yourself through Youtube, Pinterest and bloggers who are great photographers such as Beers and Beans. I hope to have a section devoted to photography soon so I can share with other beginners while I’m continually learning. I think it’s time for some one on one teaching now, understanding exposure is mind-boggling.

Q: Do you consider yourself a part-time or full-time traveler?
A: I suppose that depends on someone’s definition of “traveler” If a full-time traveler means you’ve sold all your belongings to travel the world then I would be defined as a part-time traveler. I focus on getaways and adventures close to home with one or two large trips farther away per year.

Q: What one travel disaster do you hope never happens to you?
A: A family member or super close friend passing away. I’m extremely close with my family and the thought of not being able to quickly get home to be with them would be very hard. I would want to be together at such a difficult time to help support each other.

Q: Which area/part of blogging is the most rewarding? Challenging?
A: Everything about blogging has been challenging for me; however I’m embracing the challenge and love learning. If I had to choose one thing then that’s most challenging then writing tops the list. I am not a writer by trade and think way to hard about it. It can be crippling and I need to conquer that hurdle. The crazy amount of new things I’m learning has been most rewarding. Who knew that me, who left a career with Nordstrom, would understand what SEO or HTML is. Fascinating.

Q: What is the story behind your blog’s name?
A: Having getaways planned, both big and small, has always been a priority for this gal and since that’s what I would be writing about on my blog I knew I wanted that word in the title. When I went to buy the domain name for The Getaway Gal I learned it was already taken so I had to get creative and change it to Thee Getaway Gal. Not too exciting but it’s been catchy.

Q: How would you pass the time if you were stranded at an airport for 24 hours?
A: There’s four things I consistently do in an airport to pass time other than trying to sleep.

  1.  Read – I always carry a book or have some downloaded on my Kindle App.
  2.  Get organized – I use this time to clean out emails, organize my calendar, write letters, edit photos, etc.
  3. Play cards! I take a deck of cards with me on all my travels and most often a small cribbage board. I rarely travel alone so there’s always someone I can beat. Yes, I’m a bit competitive.

Thee Getaway Gal Liebster Award

 Thee Getaway Gal’s Nominations for the Liebster Award Goes To:

Michael from Go See Write

Angela from Angela Travels

Alli from The Vintage Postcard

Dennis from See The World In My Eyes

Jim & Corinne from Reflections Enroute

Kelly from Kelly Ella Maz

Questions For You Lucky Winners:

1. How would you complete this sentence? “Before I Die ________”

2. Where’s your favorite placed to write?

3. How do you capture your travel photos? Camera or Phone?

4. What’s your favorite application for editing your travel photos?

5. What one thing are you most determined to do this year?

6. What inspired you to start a travel blog?

7. Would you most likely be caught reading or watching a movie?

8. Favorite travel book or movie and why?

9. What is your favorite activity or hobby that keeps you busy when you’re not blogging?

10.What adjective would your closest friend use to describe you?

Thanks again to Jules and Christine from Don’t Forget To Move and Diane from Wife With Baggage for this recognition. You made my day!
Be sure to stop by their sites and say hi, they’re really fun.

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    1. Dsmythe

      PNW is amazing, so glad I grew up there and that I still visit often. I think I love mountain resorts just as much, if not more, in the summer. I also prefer warm weather so I’m sure that has something to do with it.

    1. Dsmythe

      Thanks Kris! I have learned a lot this last year and feel like the learning is really starting to take off just now. Looking forward to this next year and getting this recognition started it off with a bang!

    1. Dsmythe

      Thanks Calli that means a lot coming from you! I always appreciate your support and words of wisdom. It was fun to read yours as well and learning little things like we’re both U2 fans.

  1. Katie

    The Liebster award posts have become some of my favorites! It’s a great way to get to know fellow bloggers in a different than an about page. Great questions and answers! I’m with you on the over thinking part of blogging – I swear I read a post a 100 times before I finally hit “publish” 🙂
    Katie recently posted…Indonesian Food – yes, please!My Profile

    1. Dsmythe

      They are some of my favorites as well. This community is truly amazing in so many ways and getting to know each other more is very fun. Glad to know I’m not alone in the over thinking department. Wish I could say I’m only like that with blogging but unfortunately I’m like that in all areas of life. I drive my hubby crazy! 🙂

    1. Dsmythe

      Thanks Frank! Getting out of Auto is fantastic and easy enough for me to follow along and apply. I’m loving it. Hopefully this next year I’ll see consistent improvement in my photography and will have some fun pics to share.

  2. Dennis Kopp

    Daidri, thank you again for the Liebster Award nomination! I finally managed to respond to your questions, even if I ended up passing a few to the next nominees. But overall I have to agree with you, travelling and photographing the world does sound like a great way to make a living. Photos definitely can say a lot more than words, even if the exposure and whole manual mode can be challenging at times… 🙂
    Dennis Kopp recently posted…Liebster Award: Mein Liebster Travel BlogMy Profile

    1. Dsmythe

      Your blog is very deserving of recognition and it was fun getting to know you a bit more. You seem to manage getting some really great photos during your travels. I may have to reach out to you soon to get some helpful tips. Congrats on getting nominated twice!

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