Snapshot Saturday: Passion

Snapshot Saturday Rock Climbing Hand

This Saturday’s featured snapshot is a photograph I captured recently while watching my boys rock climbing. I took multiple pictures trying to show up close, how only the tips of their fingers are grasping such a small area of surface. Just as I snapped this shot, he lost his grip. Out of those photos I took, this particular one spoke to me the most. I love how the light highlights the rock, showing just how little of an area climbers have to hold on to, as well as the spray of the chalk they rely on to grip these small holds.

It can take climbers days; weeks and even months to perfect a single climb, and their strength astounds me. The challenge pushes them both physically and mentally yet as quickly as they lose their grip they are right back at it again determined to prevail.

Beginning photographers, such as myself, need to be just as patient and determined as a climber. It takes preparation, studying your subject from different angles and a willingness to change routes when your current course isn’t working. So often I come home after taking pictures all day and am less than pleased with my results. My passion for photography drives my determination to figure out how to achieve a better result the next time I’m behind the lens. The same is true for my sons!

Never lose grip of your passion!



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  1. Michael Huxley

    Wow, that is almost profoundly well timed! I love the way that a well timed shot can speak to you in so many different ways and make the picture tell a story. Well done.

    And I totally agree with you about passion too. I personally love the quote ‘ignoring your passion is slow suicide.’ They are very true words, and part of the reason I am doing what I do now, travelling and writing.
    Michael Huxley recently posted…Why The Rainy Season Is A Perfect Time To Travel South East Asia.My Profile

    1. Dsmythe

      Thanks Emma! My boys are now in their 20’s so if I wasn’t focused on my photography they were strapping into a harness and getting me on the rock. It was incredibly fun.

  2. Jessica @She Dreams of Travel

    It’s amazing how a simple moment like the one you caught in that great photograph can actually teach you a great life lesson. I think in any challenge we face in life we should approach it like a rock climber with patience and determination. This is something I definitely needed a reminder on these days. Thanks for the great post!
    Jessica @She Dreams of Travel recently posted…The Night A Spanish Taxi Driver Took My Suitcase HostageMy Profile

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