Snapshot Saturday: Instagram Taps of Love

Snapshot Saturday: Understanding Instagram Love

This Saturday’s featured snapshot is a view from the Colorado Riverway Bridge in Moab, UT.

I had just rounded a corner, during my morning run, when this view literally stopped me in my tracks demanding I take notice. As I stood on the bridge looking down the Colorado River and throughout the canyon, I marveled at how so much brown could be so impressive. The rocks, river and bridge were all varying shades of brown. Shades of a color I  wouldn’t have imagined could paint such a beautiful picture and yet the view before me was undeniably striking.

Despite not wanting to lose momentum on my run I couldn’t resist sharing this view with others. I grabbed my iPhone and within minutes had posted this plethora of brown for all the Insta world  to see. A few seconds later the ever approving Insta taps of love started poring in causing this snapshot to earn its place as “most liked” within Thee Getaway Gal gallery.

As I focus on growing my Instagram portfolio and increasing my followers, I’m fascinated at which type of snapshot most compels us to double tap our stamp of approval. Is it dreamy landscapes, our precious four-legged companions, food that causes us to drool or the always interesting selfies? Is it an appreciation for good photography or the connection one feels with the subject or moment?

While I’m sure there isn’t just one reason, I am confident that photography speaks to each of us in a different way, stirring our senses, firing our emotions and allowing us to dream. No wonder Instagram is loved by millions of people all over the world.

In what way does this snapshot speak to you?

Have you double tapped your stamp of approval on this stunning display of brown yet?

You just may be the one that sends my first photo over the 100 like mark and that would make-my-day. Go ahead, I dare you to make me smile! While you’re there don’t forget to follow Thee Getaway Gal‘s mini adventures. I’ll be sure to send the love right back at ya!




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  1. Cheryl Cosseboom

    The exotic brown corduroy of the cliff face smacks your senses, tricking you into believing that it is quite close. The bridge however, tells the true story, with its rails of perspective stretching out into the distance.
    LOVE IT!!!

    1. Dsmythe

      Oh Cheryl, you are so perceptive! The bridge is in fact very long; however, that cliff really was that big and felt as though it kept growing as I was walking closer to it. Gigantic!

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