Snapshot Saturday: The Unexpected Subject

Bee on Pink Flower Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm ~ Settings: ISO 400 • f/10 • 1/320

Last week, on a mission to photograph pumpkins, I decided to spend a day in Half Moon Bay, aka the “World Pumpkin Capital”. Each year, this quaint coastal town in Northern California, welcomes visitors in excess of 30k to celebrate the season with their annual Art & Pumpkin Festival. This was definitely the place to be for photographing pumpkins, I decided to head out a couple of days prior to the festivities, which were held last weekend, before everything was picked over.

With nothing but time, I was ready to fill my camera with snapshots full of colors reminiscent of the season. Then suddenly I spotted an abundance of beautiful wildflowers in bloom, all the buzz with bees busily gathering pollen to take back to their hives. Enamored with the speed in which the bees were working I quickly recognized that I needed to be just as quick with my settings to capture them. I also realized my intended subject of pumpkins had just as quickly changed to the unexpected subject of bees and the bright beauty of the delicate wildflowers on which they feed.

Photography tip of the day: DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year about photography, it’s that it takes time to perfect and requires a great deal of patience much like the game of golf. You may take 100 swings and make plenty of adjustments before you get the perfect shot. I took more than 100 photos that day, most of them of the bees and flowers and ended up with only a few good ones.

Which begs the question…

Is it practice or luck that delivers the magical ‘whole in one’?

Happy Snapping!

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    1. Daidri

      Wow Rhonda, that’s very kind of you! Each time I visit Half Moon Bay I enjoy it more and more. Very fun that you use to live here. I may have to get some tips of places to visit since I’m still fairly new to the area. It’s been fun to explore coastal towns along HWY1 and the views are beautiful!

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