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Savor Food Tour Sign Collage Each time my girlfriend Kris flies in from Washington we spend a day or two exploring a new area here in northern California. Our most recent getaway took us to the charming town of Healdsburg in the Sonoma Valley. Since the two of us never seem to have a hard time finding great wine we decided to try something the two of us have never done before on our girlfriend getaways, a food tour. It proved to be the perfect way to get acquainted with both the local food scene and the town’s history and was simply a lot of fun.


We were fortunate to have Tammy Gass, owner and head foodie, as our guide. She has mastered the balance between making her guests feel as though they are out for a stroll with a friend while delivering a well planned, perfectly paced VIP experience. What I appreciate most about our tour with Tammy was how she shared her knowledge and passion for food, travel and Healdsburg through relaxed conversation instead of a canned dialog. It was refreshing!

Savor Food Tour Bites Collage The five places we visited:

SHED ~ a modern grange – market, café, gathering place.
What we ate: Mezze Plate: Beet Tzatziki, Sibley Squash Hummus, Quinoa Salad; Served with Feta, Olives and Handmade Crackers & Mixed Fall Chicories with Roasted Carrots, Asian Pears and Quince Vinaigrette
What we loved: SHED was without question my favorite place along the tour. My lists of favorites could go on and on from something as simple as the fun door handles, the bright open atmosphere, the beautiful coffee bar to Shrub {more on that below} for starters. Kris and I both agreed if we lived in Sonoma SHED would be a regular hang out.

CAFE LUCIA ~ Portuguese cuisine using fresh local ingredients.
What we ate: CHOURIÇO CRUSTED DAY BOAT SCALLOPS {pan seared, Japanese sweet potato purée, leek confit, molho cru}
What we loved: Before visiting Cafe Lucia I had never experienced the flavors of Portuguese food and am thrilled to have been introduced to it. A highlight of our time at Cafe Lucia was meeting the chef Manuel and hearing about how he makes a point to frequently visit Portugal {his birthplace} for inspiration.

GUSTAFSON ~ A sustainably farmed vineyard that sits on an old sheep ranch 1800 feet in elevation.
What we drank: you guessed it – wine!
What we loved: After our educational and tasty experience at the local tasting room, I was looking forward to visiting the vineyards to check out what is said to be the most beautiful views of the valley. Unfortunately, our time ran out this visit. However, it will be a priority the next time I’m in Healdsburg.

BRAVAS ~ Traditional Spanish and modern tapas.
What we ate: Toast with Goat Cheese, Golden Onions, White Truffle Honey & Bacon Wrapped Dates with Blue Cheese, Marcona Almonds & Creamy Chicken, Ham & Gruyere Cheese Croquetas
What we loved: Our taste buds were humming with delight which I think we all expressed more than once with our outside voices. Each bite we tasted was so flavorful we had to return the next day for a repeat. We each ended up trying a new drink but ordered the exact same food and were just as impressed the second time around.

MOUSTACHE ~ Small batch production bakery and coffee shop.
What we ate: We shared two cupcakes, The Outlaw – chocolate carmel sea salt & The Local – almond and local fig
What we loved: The surprisingly fresh but not too sweet passionfruit macaron we enjoyed during my return visit the next day. Eating a macaroon was a first for me as before I thought them to be a dry, boring little morsel. Boy was I wrong. Let’s just say it took will power to walk out without a little baggie of them.

Savor Food Tour Moustache Collage

Thee Getaway Gal with Savor Food Tour From left to right: Owner and guide, Tammy, Donna, Carole, myself and Kris. It was so nice only having four people in our tour group as it allowed us time to get to know one another a little.

Shed Collage The most fascinating thing we tried during the tour was Shrub at SHED’s fermentation bar.  Shrub is a sweet and tangy syrup made by combining three basic ingredients: fruit, sugar, and vinegar. You can then add any sparkling beverage to it you like such as sparkling water or wine or tonic water. When Tammy first described Shrub to us, I was under the impression it would make a heavy drink with some pucker power. However, it was quite the opposite. It actually makes a very, very light and refreshing drink. I was so intrigued by it we headed back over to SHED the next morning for another glass. Had you ever heard of Shrub before? 

Shed Shrub Beakers

Shed Shrub Drinks

Savor Sign at Bravas I’ve only been on three tours prior to this, two non-food related tours in Rome and an extremely fun craft cocktail tour in San Francisco. Each of my experiences thus far have been worthwhile and this one, in particular, has convinced me to book a food tour on future getaways. I can only hope they are as good as the Savor Healdsburg Food Tours. Tammy has set the bar high!

For more detailed information or to book a tour with Savor Healdsburg, click HERE!

Have you been on a food tour that you would recommend? 

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  1. Happy Happy Nester


    Wow, what a great post! I felt like I experienced the day with you! What a fun trip. I can’t wait to check out these places! The Shed looks incredible. I have never heard of Shrub, and now you have piqued my interest! Awesome job with the photos and the writing, I love it!

    1. Daidri

      So much fun Jenna! Definitely a town worth exploring for a couple days! I can’t stop thinking about the food I ate, it was amazing. If you go be sure to also visit Willi’s, their calamari is scrumptious and they make a killer cucumber martini.

    1. Daidri

      How fun that you’re from Sonoma! I would love to know some of your favorite spots that I should check out next time I’m in town. Please think of me when you’re enjoying your refreshing shrub in the sun. That would be heavenly!

  2. KD

    What a CUTE town Healdsburg is! One thing I love about doing a food tour is you go to little gems you would not have found or walked right on by! Such a great thing to do when you visit a new place and Savor Healdsburg was fantastic! I am still dreaming of all the food we ate there.

    1. Daidri

      I’m dreaming of it as well. Those bacon wrapped dates… DELISH!! There is no way we would have discovered how amazing the food scene is in this little town without the food tour. Think of how much more great food there was we didn’t get to. Return visit?!?!! Yes please.

  3. Shelley Wetton

    Daidri!! I was RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. Oh man, I’m so hungry now! Your pictures were just stunning. STUNNING. I can’t wait to meet up in Napa! I sure hope you bring your camera…!!!

    This was wonderful and I’m sure the owners are delighted to have such positive press. ~s

    1. Daidri

      It was so much fun!! You and your hubby should take a day and go do the tour, you would love it! Have you spent much time in Healdsburg? Charming town! I am looking forward to meeting up as well and you bet I’ll bring my camera. 🙂

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