Taking Chances, Making Friends

Taking Chances Making Friend Table Gathering
You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change. {unknown}

For some people, like myself, reaching out to complete strangers can be difficult. What I’ve slowly come to realize over the last month is that by, not reaching out I’m only holding myself back. Whatever apprehensions I had been holding onto were keeping me from growth. The desire to make new friends and dreams of a new business venture weren’t going to happen magically unless I gained some confidence and started taking chances!

This past month I put on my big girl shoes, pushed past my comfort zone and took a leap.

I reached out to some fellow bloggers that live here in Northern California and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. A business opportunity has emerged, friendships have formed and a tribe of spirited women has developed to encourage and support one another in the world of blogging.

The decision to follow my passion and pursue a photography business this year presented another much-needed reason to reach out. To date, everything I’ve learned about photography has been self-taught thanks to all the incredible resources on the internet today. However, I was longing for some in-person feedback and advice. I wanted to shadow someone and see first hand what all went into a photo shoot.

It was time for some one-on-one so I made the choice to take another leap of faith and reached out to the incredibly talented Megan Clouse. I had been admiring her photography for quite a few months but didn’t know if she’d be open to sharing her secrets and having someone shadow her. Unbeknownst to me just as I was reaching out via email, she launched a mentorship program. How’s that for timing? A few weeks and a dinner party later I ‘ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from her but more importantly, get to know her as a friend. She’s just as bright and stunning as her photography!

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Opening my heart and taking chances this past month has reminded me I must allow myself to be vulnerable. Easier said than done, yet faith is telling me that by continuing to do so there will be many sweet rewards!

I hope you’re inspired to take some chances… some doors may close, but so many will open!

What door has opened for you because you made the choice to take a chance?

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  1. Shelley Wetton

    Hi Daidri!!

    Oh I love this so much! And, isn’t it empowering when we make a choice that changes our lives in such a positive way? As you know, I took the chance on putting my writing out there. It’s been a wonderful (albeit frightening, as you know) experience. If I hadn’t taken the CHANCE and made the CHOICE to go for it, I’d always wonder, what if? This post resonates so deeply. Thank you for your amazing and inspiring words. ~s

    1. Daidri

      Ah, I so appreciate your support Shelley! It’s through these chances we take, be it positive or disappointing, that we discover a little more of ourselves. Often times it requires great resilience. 🙂 I couldn’t be more thrilled you’re writing for Huffington Post. Way to go!! It will be so fun to watch your writing journey. I can’t wait to see that book of yours published one day.

  2. Happy Happy Nester

    Hi Daidri!
    This is such a wonderful post! I love your heartfelt insight and writing. What a great opportunity to shadow such a talented photographer, congrats! Your photos are so stunning and beautiful, I look forward to following you along this journey. I’m also, so excited to share our blogging experiences together! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! ~Janine

    1. Daidri

      Ah thanks Ross, I’m so thrilled I did! The mentorship has been fantastic. It’s been incredibly helpful to have someone teaching you, working side-by-side with you and encouraging your growth. I definitely recommend it.

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