Thee Getaway Gal

Welcome to my little getaway!

I’m Daidri (pronounced day∙dree) and am so grateful you are here!

In Fall of 2012, after 20 years working for two large corporations and 12 of those years in management, I realized it was time for a change. While those were both positive experiences that have shaped who I am today, I was unfulfilled and tired of allowing myself to be consumed by my career. I was heading into my mid-40s and beginning the empty-nester phase of parenting. I was also wanting to spend more time with my husband who travels for work and longing to not only see but experience more of the world around me. So, I quit my job and started my new journey with an unforgettable three-week vacation in Italy.

Shortly after that trip I launched Thee Getaway Gal travel and lifestyle blog. Encouraging others to get away more often and live a balanced, passion-filled life brings me joy. I strongly believe that life is what you make it and through this creative channel I hope to inspire others by sharing getaway inspiration, my passion for photography and a dash of everyday life.

Take a peak at the different types of mini-adventures you can except to explore with Thee Getaway Gal and meet some of my fabulous traveling partners you will see me with from time to time.


Family Travel – I love adventures with my boys, Ryan 23 and Nolan 21. We three share a passion and appreciation for the great outdoors.  They both consistently inspire me to do new things and with a lot of patience and encouragement they help me push past my fears. Ziplining was the most recent and it was an incredible experience!

Ziplining Moab Utah

Romantic Rendevouz – My husband, Richard and I may share different ideas of ways to relax or enjoy a romantic getaway, but that’s what makes our travels together both fun and interesting. We have been married for 23 years and he still makes my skip a beat!

Sailing in Charleston, SC

Girlfriend Getaways – I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible women in my life who not only share my philosophy to live with passion but who challenge me to be a better person through their examples. Our adventures together always involve wine, great food and a lot of laughter.

Girlfriend Getaway - Seattle

Outdoor Adventures – I feel most alive and at peace when exploring the outdoors. You can find me hiking, kayaking, ziplining, learning to surf, or marveling at our impressive National Parks in the United States.

Sunset - Dead Horse Point, UT


I have been passionate about photography for many years. I not only feel that a photo can bring a story to life but that a great photograph can tell a story even when words are not spoken. The same time I launched Thee Getaway Gal I decided to expand my photography knowledge and practice at improving my skills. While I’m quite confident I won’t be published in National Geographic anytime soon, I am determined to continue this artistic journey in hopes that one day I’ll have taken a picture worthy of recognition. Embracing this passion offers me a getaway from daily routines and allows me time to connect with the world around me as I explore it from a different perspectives.

Thee Getaway Gal - Snapshots


From time-to-time, I’ll share little splashes of life’s joys and challenges. Like you, I also needs to fuel my soul and clear my thoughts and writing here does just that for me. Frankly, it makes me happy! Just for fun, here’s a few little tidbits about me I hope you enjoy.

  • I adore my family, love to read, have a slight addiction to Instagram and suffer from FOMA {fear of missing out} which makes traveling with others and running a blog quite challenging.
  • I have a crush on the outdoors. It stirs my soul and is where I feel most connected.
  • I have a weakness for inspirational quotes, movies, the smell of coffee,  and peanut butter to name a few.
  • I’ve developed new-found love for running and proudly ran my first 5k this year.

Running My First 5K - Stretching

Still want to know a little more about me? I’m flattered and happy to answer (almost) any questions you may have! Click here to send me a message via my contact form, send an email directly to theegetawaygal@gmail.com or let’s get social. Connect with me through social media via:



get’away’ n
1.  a getting away or fleeing; an escape
2.  the start of a race: a fast getaway
3.  a place where one escapes for relaxation, vacation, etc.