Canyonlands National Park: Utah

Canyonlands National Park: A Detour To Island In The Sky

Canyonlands National Park... you've captured my heart! My son Ryan and I just recently returned from a fun packed week in Moab, UT. Home to Cayonlands National Park and where my younger son Nolan currently calls home. Our only plans while there were to celebrate Nolan's birthday with him and see what his day-to-day life in Moab looks like. He… Read More

Surfing with Sea, Surf & Fun

Oh my goodness, it's been far too long since my last post but all is well here and I hope it is with you also. The simple truth is I've enjoyed some much-needed time to focus on everyday life and fuel my soul. I've spent some quality time with my son, endured the daunting task of moving, and had a… Read More
Leibster Award picture

Liebster Award: And The Award Goes To…

When starting my blog a year ago I had no idea how incredibly supportive and fun the travel blogging community would be. I knew we all shared the same wanderlust spirit about us and that we go about fulfilling that wanderlust in different ways. Some are on round the world adventures. Some are Luxury travelers. Others are mastering the art… Read More

Wineries With A View: Paso Robles California

When thinking of visiting California's wine country my thoughts have always gone to the well-known Napa and Sonoma Valley's. Both of which I have visited on more than one occasion and love. That all changed this past November when I was invited to tag along with family who were attending an event at Justin Winery in the unpretentious wine region… Read More

Yosemite National Park: Picturesque Waterfalls

Out of the 58 National Parks the United States has to offer, I have visited four. Arches National Park in Utah, Hawaii Volcanoe’s National Park on the Big Island, and both Rainier and Olympic National Parks in Washington State. There are so many more I’m anxious to explore and California’s Yosemite National Park is high on my bucket list.  Named… Read More