Taking Chances Making Friends Collage 2

Taking Chances, Making Friends

You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change. {unknown} For some people, like myself, reaching out to complete strangers can be difficult. What I've slowly come to realizeĀ over the last month is that by, not reaching out I'm only holding myself back. Whatever apprehensions I had been holding onto were keeping… Read More

Running My First 5K: Preparing My Playlist

In just three short three weeks, I'll be participating in my first ever 5K,  The Dionysus Dash. I am so thrilled to be accomplishing one of the things I was determined to do in 2014 and even more excited my sister, Darla, will be flying in to join me. Since this will be my first running event, I was on the look out for a… Read More

Determination: My Attitude for 2014

Discipline - Drive - Determination Out of these three attributes needed to fulfill a dream or accomplish a goal, I believe determination is the most important. Without determination or a strong sense of purpose, negativity can creep in and cause us to give up or get off track, which is too often the case with me. I allow self-doubt and… Read More

Le Crueset Spatula Giveaway – Winner’s Announced

Congratulations to the two winners of the Le Creuset Spatula Give Away! Tedi - "Le Crueset has wonderful items for baking and cooking! I would definitely use this spatula for both. I pinned to Pinterest twice, whoops! The more the merrier!? Hope that applies here Merry Christmas!!" Carla S - "I would use them more for baking,but I would still… Read More
Christmas Movie Recommendations

6 Christmas Movies to Include in Your Holiday Traditions

Watching Christmas movies is a holiday pastime that has definitely become a family tradition in my home. And now that December is here I've pulled out the ones I'm most excited to see. My list of favorites could be quite long, because there are quite a few, but I find myself watching these six over and over again each year.… Read More