Bee on Pink Flower

Snapshot Saturday: The Unexpected Subject

Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm ~ Settings: ISO 400 • f/10 • 1/320 Last week, on a mission to photograph pumpkins, I decided to spend a day in Half Moon Bay, aka the "World Pumpkin Capital". Each year, this quaint coastal town in Northern California, welcomes visitors in excess of 30k to celebrate the season with their annual Art & Pumpkin Festival.… Read More
Snapshot Saturday: Understanding Instagram Love

Snapshot Saturday: Instagram Taps of Love

This Saturday's featured snapshot is a view from the Colorado Riverway Bridge in Moab, UT. I had just rounded a corner, during my morning run, when this view literally stopped me in my tracks demanding I take notice. As I stood on the bridge looking down the Colorado River and throughout the canyon, I marveled at how so much brown… Read More
Snapshot Saturday Rock Climbing Hand

Snapshot Saturday: Passion

This Saturday's featured snapshot is a photograph I captured recently while watching my boys rock climbing. I took multiple pictures trying to show up close, how only the tips of their fingers are grasping such a small area of surface. Just as I snapped this shot, he lost his grip. Out of those photos I took, this particular one spoke to me… Read More

Critters: Challenging My Photography Skills in Hawaii

From farmers markets bursting with color to picturesque landscapes and rich sunsets, Hawaii offers endless opportunities for anyone passionate about photography. In order to not miss any great shots you need to keep your camera in hand at all times, which is exactly what I did when visiting the Big Island earlier this year. I had only been shooting in manual… Read More

Travel Photography Tip: The Three-Picture Story

Because pictures are my favorite travel souvenir, I'm consistently on a quest to better my photography. I seek out lessons and tips that not only teach me the basics but hopefully challenge the way I think about the pictures I'm taking as well. This past week I was intrigued by a new concept I learned called the three-picture story, taught… Read More